About Sports Benches

 Benches by The Bench Mensch

Michael Whitman


Skis, poles, golf clubs, hockey sticks, paddles—you name it. Michael Whitman, known as The Bench Mensch, has transformed sports clutter into practical benches for mud room, family room, or dorm room since 2010. Attractive and useful, sports benches keep memories  glowing long after the seasons end.

I immortalize sports stuff!

My first benches were for my sons: one who raced slalom and downhill, and another who played hockey. Neater than Adirondack ski-chairs, benches are a practical size, and both useful and versatile.

Talk about “beautility”! Here are benches that combine beauty and utility, over a wide range of sports:

  • XC skis
  • Ski poles
  • Golf clubs
  • Slalom gates
  • Snowboards
  • Jumping skis
  • Hockey sticks
  • Downhill skis
  • Canoe paddles
  • Lacrosse sticks
  • Next: Field hockey, baseball, tack and field, crew…

33″L x 14″ W x 16″ H, each is sturdy and comfortable, and just loaded with great memories.

The Ultimate: A Glory Bench

The Bench Mensch can repurpose not only your skis, sticks or clubs into a bench, but I can create a “Glory Bench” by adding plaques taken off all those trophies gathering dust and filling boxes.

Since a trophy’s engraved plaque is the only part of a trophy actually worth keeping,  it makes display-worthy furniture that recalls all-star and championship seasons.

Amp your champ! I’ll transform your champ’s “podium hardware” into a unique Glory Bench.

Inspiring ideas for benches

Besides an obviously exciting  present for birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries (year #5 is “wood”), house warming or any other special day, sports benches make excellent gifts for team, league, and corporate uses.

Adding an engraved plaque turns a bench into an exclusive gift for an individual athlete, a coach, or athletic director, after an outstanding season or at a retirement banquet—or for a longtime volunteer league official.

Also appropriate as a business gift within sports industries, such as recognition for outstanding sales performance, or from an equipment manufacturer to a sponsored team’s coach, or to recognize accomplishments by individual athletes.

  • Perfect for an athletic household’s mud room
  • End-of-season present for a coach or league official
  • Elegant first-place trophy for a tournament
  • Raffle item for fund-raising or banquet
  • Door prize at a reunion
  • Banquet prize
  • Retirement gift

Extras and options

  • Acrylic top turns a bench into a handsome coffee table
  • Cherry construction instead of pine
  • Northern white cedar for exterior use: ideal on your deck
  • •Longer, or shorter, to fit any specific spot in your room.



“Best EVER re-use of skis, sticks and clubs. These benches are handsome, and useful!”