Every athlete (or the athlete's parents) has old equipment in the garage or attic. Skis, poles, clubs, sticks, and more, accumulate into clutter that can't be used or sold. Too painful to toss, there stuff sits—what a problem!

Solution: I transform sports clutter into handsome, useful benches for mud room, family room, or dorm room.

“Best EVER re-use of skis, sticks and clubs. These benches are handsome, and useful!”

These attractive, handy sports benches keep memories of great seasons glowing forever.


  • Unique, original, signed* and numbered
  • Made by a local business in Lyme, New Hampshire
  • Green—I repurpose retired sports equipment
  • Made to last—high-quality workmanship, for longevity

*Michael Whitman is a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen.